What We Do

What we do

Cinema is one of the most complex and powerful art forms we know. Through the looking glass of film and television, we can better understand our own lives, the lives of others and how our society operates and connects within a diverse and multicultural world. Film and television have the power to unite, educate, and engage. They can be cathartic and transformative. But with great power also comes great responsibility.

UK Muslim Film works to change perspectives. We champion underrepresented talent and voices, both onscreen and behind the camera. Through film and television, we challenge misconceptions by ensuring authentic portrayals of Muslims on screen. We support the next generation of filmmakers to navigate the entertainment industry, because we believe that film and television have the capacity to transform, revolutionise and broaden our minds.

UKMF is creating a culture where Muslims on screen are recognised, embraced and celebrated by audiences worldwide. By promoting greater understanding of Muslim cultures and the Islamic faith, we work to inspire pride and belonging in a young generation of British Muslims. Our mission is to integrate the Muslim experience into the heart of British culture, through film and television.